In the field of automation (for doors and gates) we find the use of two types of bushings : self lubricating and bronze / iron sintered bushings.

Self lubricating bushings are suitable for dry running with a low coefficient of friction, low wear rate, good sliding characteristics, and the transfer film created will protect the mating metal surface. Suitable for rotary and oscillating movement, high chemical resistance, lower absorption of water and swelling’s reduction. It also performs well with lubrication.

PTFE/Fibre provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bushing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film. Thermal conductivity away from the bushing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE-Fibre mixture.


Bronze / iron sintered bushings : the base material for sintered parts such as sliding bushings or other formed parts are iron, bronze, iron with bronze and other metal in powder form. This powder is formed under high pressure in dies into a temperature which is just below the melting point. Available in cylindrical and flanged format.

  • Good wear resistance with lower friction
    • Lower the material cost for large production
    • Can be machined again after installation if possible
    • Lower maintenance requirement
    • High speed with lower noise
    • Different structures could be available against special

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Sealing rings

Sealing rings in the field of doors and gated automations?? Sure..

What are sealing rings ?

They are  sealing elements interposed between two elements with cylindrical surfaces.
Sealing rings are made from a metal structure (this is because it has a better yield over time and increased maximum grip ), a sealing element ( or two )  and a garter spring.
All this allows a better performance over time. The sealing effect is achieved by interference between lip and shaft, the spring allows the lip to maintain a radial load.


An oil film forms under the lip contact area, this film is maintained through capillary action between shaft and atmosphere in order to avoid leakage. An increase of the film thickness means increasing pressure of the fluid to be sealed reaching break and therefore leakage. Sealing rings can not run in dry conditions. Adequate lubrication it is indispensable for a good functioning.

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Plastic bearings

Plastic bearings 

Just so… in the field of Automation we find Plastic bearings

We try to understand a bit of what we are speak about Plastic bearings 

Plastic bearings  are formed from wear-resistant thermoplastic polymers, dimensionally stable, provide good performance both dry and lubricated  and they have been improved thanks to a perfect combination of reinforcement materials and solid lubricants.

What benefits can offer Plastic bearings ?

  • Lubricant-free
  • Corrosion resistance

    Plastic bearings
    Plastic bearings
  • Media resistant
  • High compressive strengths
  • Low coefficients of friction
  • High mechanical dampening
  • Maintenance-free
  • High dirt resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Best wear-resistance

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The “JFK” bearings in adapters

I.T.S. Italia Spa provides  “JFK” bearings for adapters.

But … what are the bearings  we can find ?

Deep groove ball bearings
Deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are used in various applications because they have a simple structure, they are not separable, suitable for very high speeds and have modest requirements for what concerns the duration of the exercise and the maintenance. These bearings are ideal for medium axial loads in one or both directions and are available in different variants of insulations and lubrication for all services conditions. Deep groove ball bearings have many play classes and tolerances for different service condition and they are suitable for high speed applications due to their low friction. They achieve the highest speed ratings of rolling bearings types. Deep groove ball bearings are available in a wide variety of designs with different shields and seals. These bearings with shields or seals are lubricated for life and they are maintenance free

Tapered roller bearings
Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are normally separable radial bearings. They comprise of a cone assembly and separable cup. Tapered roller bearings are suitable for both radial and thrust forces but also accept combined loads and tilting momentsThe ability of tapered roller bearings to accommodate axial loads depends on their contact angle α., the larger the angle the better the thrust load capacity. But it must be considered, that tapered roller bearings which run misaligned are subjected to considerably additional forces that will be shorten their service life and generate increased running noise levels.

Needle roller bearings
Needle roller bearings

 Needle roller bearings

Needle roller bearings are radial bearings with very low section heights that have high load capacity. Needle roller bearings have the ability to mount inner and outer rings separately,
the assembly becomes much simpler, also in mass production conditions. In the case in which needle bearings work in a very limited space ( for example in adapters) are often used needle roller bearings without inner ring ( RNA ). In this case needle bearings work directly on the shaft surface. These surfaces running , however, must be designed with the same quality standards of the bearing rings ( hardened and ground ) Needle roller bearings are available in several designs , NK , NKI,…including variants without inner rings .

What else ??

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Compensation rings

anelli di compensazione

We are talking about electric motors … what else can be used ?? Simple …Compensation rings

For what reasons they are used ?

Compensation rings for bearings are used in the construction of electric motors and other units in order to reduce noise due to ball bearings tracks slackness, and to avoid the damaging of bearings.

Thanks to the compensating rings ball bearings achieved :

  • Higher speed
  •  Low vibrations and noise levels
  •  Toughness increase and consequent longer duration of their effectiveness, even in case of critical conditions.

Now we try to understand what are the main noise source…

The main noise source in the machines is the slackening of the balls in their races inside the bearings; this tolerance may be recovered by compensation rings.

The main task of the compensation rings is indeed to perform a pressure on the external ring of the bearing, in order to allow a more silent rolling.

The performance improvements of the ball bearing, as well as of the compensation rings, led also to an improvement of the electric motors general performances, where these parts are generally assembled.

Hammerings and vibrations are often the causes of the ball bearings abrading: using compensating rings as shock absorbers, this disadvantage is limited.

Small clarification …

The compensation rings are made by laminated spring steel C67 according to the UNI 10132-4 norm.

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Electrically insulated bearings

I.T.S Italy provides electrically insulated bearings for electric motors.

But .. what can offer these types of bearings?

Bearings provided with integrated electrical insulation offer reliable protection against the passage of current. I.T.S. produces electrically insulated rolling bearings in different versions. Typical applications include electric motors, inverter, generators and other electrical machines.  In presence of electric shock, the applied bearings in electrical machines can be damaged. Electrical discharges occur in the contact area between the rolling elements and the inner and outer ring. Consequently, the surfaces merge together and create micro-craters, carry-over of materials and localized damage to the parts in contact due to thermal stresses of the material. At least a thin layer of the wear away surface is tempered again becoming extremely hard and susceptible to breakage. This process is called “electrical corrosion”.In this way also the lubricant is no longer functional due to the passage of current. The base oil and additives contained in the lubricating oxidize assuming the typical black color. Because of premature aging is compromised in the long term the lubricant’s ability to separate the metal surfaces.
By the damage of the bearing contact surfaces and the reduced capacity of the lubricant lubrication it is generated a rapid loss of functionality of the bearing.

An example ?? 

An example of  bearings for electric motors are required to have extremely low running noise, long service life, high load capacity, efficient seals, and cost effectiveness. I.T.S. Italia supplies a broad range of bearings for this industry.

What are the bearings that can be used in electric motors?

Commonly used bearing types in electrical motors:


Let’s talk about the benefits of these bearings …

  • Higher operational reliability through optimum protection against electrical corrosion
  • Interchangeable: Same key dimensions and technical properties as conventional bearings
  • Coating resistant to damage if correctly handled


The electrically insulated bearings have external overall dimensions identical to those of the non-insulated standard bearings and are provided with an insulating layer of ceramic oxide.


I.T.S. ITALIA SPA has introduced a new product : Recirculating ball screws ” JFK ”

But… what is a recirculating ball screws ” JFK ” ??

It is a screw type, so called because between the threaded shaft and the nut-screw, with a concave thread, are inserted steel balls which have the task to transform the sliding friction into rolling friction.

It is the most frequently used mechanism for transforming a rotary motion into a translational motion; recirculating ball screw is more accurate and provides an higher efficiency.


But… what are the benefits ??

Some of the benefits guaranteed by the use of recirculating ball screws are:

  • High efficiency and durabilityviti a ricircolo di sfere " JFK "
  • Wear resistance
  • Axial rigidity
  • Reduced friction between the parts in contact

This type of screw is widely used on machine tools for the transmission of motion.

There are two types of recirculating ball screws:

1 ) internal recirculation patterns of the spheres: are preloaded and their re-circulation is returning them back after each round, at the previous, thanks to a swinging groove system planted ( situated ) within the lead nut. The size of the lead nut is smaller, the number of the balls is lower and thus are minor wear and friction,

2) external recirculation patterns of spheres: balls, after several rotations,  are bring again at the beginning of the circle through an outer pipe to the nut,  which consequently is more bulky. The coupling parts must have a cavity for the passage of return tubes. This model is advantageous in the case of long pitch screws and it is adaptable, unlike the previous model, at the addition of additives to increase the corrosion resistance and stability.

Recirculating ball screws need lubrication ?? 

Yes, to ensure a proper operation of the ball screw, a correct and appropriate lubrication is required. The choice of lubricant should be made taking into consideration:
– Working temperature
– Speed ​​of rotation of the screw / nut screw
– nominal diameter of the screw
– load size- Level of system security

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A week ago I.T.S. ITALIA Spa was pleased to announce to all customers the signing of a contract in exclusive for the supply in Europe of KYU brand.

With the initials of this strategic agreement I.T.S. ITALIA adds an important collaboration on needle roller bearings, with the aim being able to provide more and more a high quality products with a precise and timely technical service for all requests to all clients.


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Bearings on grounding,building and drilling machines

cuscinetti radiali a sfere

Bearings are standardised machine units. They transmit forces, moments and rotations, including the guidance of shafts and spindles. Transmission of forces and movements generate friction. Such frictional resistance proportionally increases torque and thus generating additional undesirable heat gain. Any reduction in frictional resistance minimises these criteria. This directly reduces the required input power torque of a machine, thereby enabling a more compact design, higher efficiency and a simple construction of machines.

Attention !!!

When it has to choice the combination of bearings with their respective house is good to take into consideration the factors below-listed :

  1. conditions of rotation: it refers to the movement of the ring’s bearing respect to the load direction. There are three different conditions

  2. Load size : with the increase of load , the interference of the inner ring of a bearing in its seat it will be loosen , seen that the ring tends to grow larger. Under the effect of a turning load the itself ring can start rotating. Greater is the load, greater will be the required interference.

  3. Bearing internal clearance : when the ring of a bearing is mounted with interference on the shaft or in the housing it is elastically deformed and causes a decrease of the internal clearance of the bearing. This factor depends on the type and size of the bearing.
  4. Thermal conditions : in operation the bearings reach a temperature that is higher than that of the details of which they are mounted. This may causes a loosening of the couple of the inner ring on his housing while the outer ring expansion may prevent the axial movement into its housing.

  5. Requirements relating to the accuracy of gear : to reduce weakness and vibrations should be avoided free couplings for those bearings that must have a high degree of driving precision.

  6. Mould and material of the shaft and housing: the coupling in its seat must not lead to an irregular deformation of the affected ring. The different types of housings may not be suitable to accommodate outer rings mounted with forcing and adopted couplings must not involve greater interference. It’s good to ensure an adequate support to the rings mounted in housings having thin walls or of light alloys, or of hollow shafts, with more forced make of those normally chosen.

  7. Easy assembly and disassembled: bearings with a loose fit are easier to assemble and disassemble than those with forced coupling. In the case where applications require the use of forced couplings can be employed separable bearings or those with tapered bore and adapter or withdrawal sleeve. ( The majority of a rolling bearings are never removed from their houses, they stay in their machines or plants until the whole machine is scrapped. This is the replacement of bearings affects mainly larger rolling bearings, and bearings for important machinery where it is part of planned preventative maintenance schedules).

  8. Movement of a bearing axially free : when bearings are mounted it is essential that, in any operating condition, one of the two rings is free to move axially. This is ensured by the adoption of a clearance fit for the ring subject to a fixed load. When the outer ring is to be subject to the axial movement fixed load must take place in the housing bore.

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Self lubricating bushings for fireplaces and pellet stoves

Here we are with a new article about  a new field of application.. today we will talk about self lubricating bushings in fireplaces and pellet stoves!!

Self lubricating bushings are suitable for dry running with a low coefficient of friction, low wear rate, good sliding characteristics, the transfer film created will protect the mating metal surface. Suitable for rotary and oscillating movement, high chemical resistance, lower absorption of water and swelling’s reduction. It also performs well with lubrication.


But… from what consist ? 

PTFE/Fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm, provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bushing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm,provides Max. thermal conductivity away from the bushing surface,also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE-Fibre mixture.

SL: Low-carbon steel,gives exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation. Copper/Tin plating thickness 0.002mm, provides good corrosion resistance.

Self lubricating bushings
Self lubricating bushings

SLB: Bronze backing, provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation and very good corrosion resistance.

SLSS: Stainless steel backing, provides very good corrosion resistance.


Typlical applications…

Series “SL”

This material meets the demanding criteria for long life and trouble-free performance with or without lubrication. Automotive,business machines,hydraulics and valves, home appliances, materials handling, marine engine, packaging, textile equipment, tools…etc.

Series “SLB”

This material meets the demanding criteria for long life and trouble-free performance with or without lubricant, of high safety factor even. The typical applications covered Steel metallurgy industry such as bushes for roller grooves of successive casting machines, cement grouting pumps and screw conveyors for cement and so on….


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